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Anyone can write a review and anybody can read it. But, the real question is, can you trust it?

At GemSelect, we take our customer service very serious. Above all else, your absolute satisfaction is our number one priority. After all, without you, GemSelect wouldn't be one of the leading precious gem suppliers it is today. But don't just take our word for it though -- See what others have to say about us too. Trust only -- Real, Legitimate and Validated GemSelect Reviews from our Customers at Bizrate.

We encourage everyone to shop safe, whether it be online or at your neighborhood retail shop. After all, in this day and age, you can never be too careful. But this means having to do your research, not only on who you're buying from, but also on the credibility of your source. Any reviews you read are pretty much worthless unless they can be validated, whether they be positive or negative. Knowing this, we firmly stand behind Google's recent partnership with Shopzilla, one of the world's largest online shopping platforms.

ShopZilla is the company behind the Bizrate Merchant Ratings Program, and now powered by Google, they have provided a consumer solution to cure the lack of credibility of online reviews. Bizrate's review site provides an honest online trusted consumer review program that can be validated and can't be duked.

So what makes Shopzilla / Bizrate's merchant ratings and reviews different from every other online review site?

The answer is simple -- Only real Point of Sale customers can leave a merchant review of us on

If you read reviews on any other site other than, there is a good chance the review cannot be trusted. We're not saying that they are not real reviews, only that the reviewer's credibility is not dependable since the review cannot be validated. Anyone could have signed on and registered, posted a review, anonymously placed a signature and now they're expecting you to simply take their word for it?

Don't trust reviews on unreliable websites and don't trust reviews posted on a retailer's website. Unreliable websites may have loads of good reviews, or bad reviews -- but who's to say they were not put there by the seller, a former employee or scrupulous competitor?

Which is why we encourage you to read our honest customer reviews, experiences and comments at by clicking here.

You can also see our store ratings, powered by Google, ShopZilla and by clicking here. has an unbeatable record for sales and customer satisfaction and we've been selling gemstones for nearly a decade now, to over 120 countries worldwide.

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