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Crystal & Gemstone Healing Jewelry

Most people tend to think of crystal healing gemstones and crystals as being crystal points, tumbled stones or polished stones shaped as a gemstone wand. Something you would find in a Harry Potter movie. However, nowadays, most healing stones are being used in the form of crystal healing gemstone jewelry. Wearing crystal and gemstone jewelry is a fashionable and attractive way to carry alternative healing gemstones with you everywhere you go. Crystal healing jewelry is found in every style and design from simple crystals wrapped in wire to fabulous gemstone necklaces and bracelets. You can even find faceted gemstone jewelry that can be used for alternative crystal healing. Gemstones set in gold or silver work are especially strong, since precious metals conduct energy very well.

Crystal healing jewelry is gemstone and crystal jewelry pieces used for certain specific purposes. It can be for personal or general intentions. General uses for Crystal Healing Jewelry can be quite broad. Let's say you absolutely love to wear gemstone and crystal jewelry and you've heard about crystal healing jewelry and the different healing properties of various gemstones. So you choose your intention for a particular property, for example, health, prosperity and abundance. The gemstone choices available to you would be narrowed down to a shortlist of Abundance Crystals -- Citrine can aid with clearing your slate to provide more space for accommodating abundance and prosperity, Pyrite can help us understand the processes of manifestations of physical wealth, Imperial Golden Topaz is known to help us be able to receive and be worthy of physical means and Gold Tourmaline can help us to find dignity and the strength to act upon abundance and power.


So how do you use your Citrine pendant as a crystal healing gemstone jewelry piece? Well, after you've acquiring your crystal healing Citrine jewelry, the first step would be to clean it, clear it and charge it. Afterwards, place the Citrine pendant on and allow the effects to penetrate your body and mind by clearing your mind and opening room to allow space for abundance and prosperity in your life. Consciously wearing the crystal healing gemstone jewelry and training your mind to open yourself to all the other possibilities you thought were unattainable, will achieve the best results. It is advised to clean and recharge your crystal healing gemstone jewelry after each use.

Many secular and religious leaders use crystal healing gemstone jewelry to aid in investing their own energy and power towards their intentions. Crystal healing gemstone jewelry is known to strengthen what is already there, for example, good becomes better and the bad becomes worse. So, if you are greedy, then more greed will cross your path. This is why those that wear crystal healing gem jewelry should always be aware of their state of mind when clarifying their intent.

It is not suggested to group multiple varieties of gemstones together, because their different energies will clash and inevitably cancel each other out. This is why most crystal healing gemstone jewelry designs will feature only one type of gemstone. Although jewelry pieces can have multiple stones as long as they are of a single variety, such as a pendant studded with amethyst beads. Jewelry can feature two different types of gemstones as long as one of them is transparent and the other a colorless gem. Reason being is that the clear, colorless stone will amplify the alternative healing effects of the other gemstone.