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Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Fine colored gemstones are precious, rare and beautiful. By delicately pinching a top grade gem, such as a ruby, sapphire or spinel between your fingers and then simultaneously twisting and turning the facets, connoisseurs like yourself can truly see and appreciate the amazing reflections of light that reveal the pristine brilliance and luster of the gem. Even more so, once high quality colored gems have been set in fine jewelry, they can be even more mesmerizing and really come together. In fact, many gem hunters and collectors prefer to have their gemstones set in jewelry for display.

A well-designed jewelry setting can truly enhance the qualities of a gemstone, and even medium-grade stones will typically appear more graceful and true once they have been mounted.

For example, a ruby that has been set in fine yellow gold will appear to be more red than a solitaire ruby. Blue sapphires, on the other hand, tend to contrast best with white gold or even platinum. White diamond accents can enhance most colored gems by providing added sparkle and fire.

We literally handle hundreds of precious colored gemstones every day and are experts at evaluating quality. However, even we are often taken back and delighted at the results when our customers share their custom jewelry designs set with one of our gemstones. If you would like to show off any of your custom designs featuring our colored gems, we certainly would love to hear from you or better yet, we'd love to see it!

When you buy a loose gemstone rather than one already set in jewelry, you have the widest possible selection of colors, shapes and sizes. You also have an opportunity to examine the gem before it is set, so you can be sure of the quality of the stone you are buying. You can then work with the jeweler of your choice to produce a design that fits your personal taste and budget, and that your family will treasure for generations.