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Gemstone Bracelets - Cleaning and Care

Guide to Cleaning and Storing Your Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone Bracelets are a wonderful accessory, regardless of age or gender. Often times, due to the intricate designs of bracelets and especially those with links, maintenance and cleaning are neglected. In order to keep gemstone bracelets looking as brilliant as the day they were bought, a few basic measures should be taken.

By reading this article and following our preventative care guide, you can maintain the exquisite appearance of your jewelry pieces and uphold its timeless value. Through regular and routinely scheduled maintenance, your valuable gemstone bracelet can preserve its value and shine for many generations to come.

Often times, birthstone bracelets carry a special sentimental value, and so, regular cleaning and careful storage are considered paramount in order to keep your gemstone bracelet looking new. The jewelry should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it looking its absolute finest, especially for those jewelry designs you plan to wear frequently or daily. Everything is prone to buildup of inevitable natural dirt, dust and oils, and jewelry is no exception. As jewelry is exposed to our skin and other elements, the more it will attract unwanted dirt and unwelcomed substances. Therefore, in order to preventing buildup, especially between links on gemstone jewelry bracelets, regular scheduled cleanings will be undoubtedly required.

To remove the buildup of dirt, dust and oils already existing, you can dip the entire bracelet in warm, soapy water. Then with a soft brush or cloth, gently wash it down. Be very careful especially with softer gemstones. The abrasion alone caused from simple household dust can cause surface scratches on fragile gem types. Also, you should be very careful when drying your jewelry and / or soaking it for too long. You can dry the jewelry using a soft non-abrasive cloth. Most of the time, just soaking the jewelry in mild soapy water will loosen the encrusted dirt and debris. As with all fine jewelry, be sure to avoid harsh chemicals that will damage your gemstones or precious metal. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners or any other strong chemicals.

Storage of your gemstone bracelet is just as important as cleaning it. Ideally, it should be kept in some sort of jewelry box with its own separate compartment. The compartment should be large enough to lay the bracelet flat inside the box (not rolled or kinked). Also, it is very important to not store any other gemstone jewelry next to it; this is to prevent scratching or possible entanglement.

You local professional jeweler that sold you your jewelry should be able to answer any specific questions for you. Different gemstones require different levels of care and different metals also require different levels of handling. Always inquire on cleaning and maintenance tips from your salesperson. It is also suggested at the time of purchase to inquire about cleaning and maintenance services from your jewelry store. Often times, they can provide this service free of charge with a little negotiation.