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Gemstone Jewelry Cabochon Cutting Style

Like any other fashion accessory, you can enhance just about any look with gemstone jewelry. You can personalize your style, by wearing bold colors and gemstone jewelry designs. Just look around and you'll find an array of precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry adorning the ears, wrists, fingers and necklines of fashion lovers around every corner. Flipping through the latest fashion magazine or watching the latest episode of E-News, you can see what gemstones and jewelry designs are trending now. Stay up to date with the latest trends by reading about some of the latest fashion trends and the wonderful kinds of gemstone jewelry swarming the market.

Did you know that Vintage fashion has made a comeback and is now more popular than ever? Since vintage is in, so is the traditional gemstone cutting style that were once used in the past. That's right! Cabochons are hot!

About Gemstone Cut

The art of gemstone cutting is amazing and delicate. The talented cutter must transform a rough ordinary stone into a sparkling and remarkably brilliant colored gemstone. Cutting is very important in the gem trade, because a bad cut can easily deem a gemstone worthless; and a good cut will maximize and enhance the color and size of the gemstone. In addition, the cutting style and quality will be a factor when it's time to set the finished gem into a fine jewelry design.

About Cabochons

Cabochons gemstones are the direct result of the oldest and most traditional style of cutting used in gems. Cabochon style cutting is also the most common cutting method used in colored gems. Many of the softer gem types are exclusively cut into cabochons, as well as many translucent and opaque gem types. Cabochon gemstones can be found in traditional shapes such as oval and round, but they are also very popular in fancy shapes like triangle and freeform. Although any gemstone can be fashioned into a cabochon, more often than not, gemstones with patterned designs are favored. This is because when they are cut, the cabochon style showcases the interesting patterns of the stone. Cabochon cutting is commonly found in gemstones such as jade, agate and amber. Sometimes, you will also find Sapphire and Ruby cut en cabochon, but because they are more valuable faceted, more often than not, only the lower grade stones that are reserved for cabochon cutting.

Cabochon Variations

Cabochons are unique in their style and shapes. They are finished with a flat base and a crown that is slightly domed. There are many variations to the cabochon cut, including modified cabochon styles. Some variations are faceted pavilions with domed tops. Rose cuts are another variation, described as flat based with a faceted top. Rose Cut gemstones were very popular in antique days.

There are many other interesting mixes of cabochon cutting styles, but one thing that all the styles have in common is the traditional look it can accentuate your style with. Cabochon cutting styles are excellent for ring wearing, most often set in single stone designs. Cabochons are also very popular as gemstone pendants and earrings.