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Most Popular Colored Stones for Gemstone Jewelry

Colored Gemstones for Rings: Which Should You Buy For Jewelry?

Gemstone rings in have been making a huge comeback in the world of jewelry, and it's quite simple to see why. Colored stonesare exciting and each offers unique patterns and characteristics that can personalize jewelry in a number of ways, from customized fashion accessories to jewelry for metaphysical crystal uses. The past few years has shown a tremendous increase in colored stone demand for both men and women, and jewelers around the world are slowly parting ways with plain, white diamond.

But which gemstones are most popular for use in ring making? There's so many to choose from, it's hard to begin. Most assume the best and most desirable stones for rings are the hardest stones, such as ruby and sapphire, but surprisingly, many of the most popular gemstones are actually softer gem types, such as opal, turquoise and even amber.

The following is not a complete list of gems used for ring-making, but it is just a summary of some of the best selling and most popular colored stones used for gemstone jewelry designs in today's era.

Agate Rings

Agate gemstonesare available in a wide and extensive range of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. Best of all, they are easy to find and they are one of the most affordable gemstones on the market. Agates are very popular for men and make excellent cabochon rings, as well as pendants. There are many varieties of agate available, and many ladies are in love with one of the oldest and well-known agate varieties: Carnelian.

Carnelian is the red to orange to brown variety of agate and offers tremendous value in price per carat. Sard and Onyx are also popular varieties of Agate, along with Fire Agate and Dendritic Agate. There are many agate crystal healing powers that are very popular for those interested in the metaphysical properties of gemstones.

Amber Rings

Amber is one of the most popular gems in the world. The very word when spoken instantly sparks thoughts of warmth and beauty. Amber's color can range from golden to yellow-orange tones and most will have traces of golden reds hue. Amber is most famous in history as being the one stone with the color of the sun. Surprisingly, Amber can also occur in other interesting colors, such as violet, green, blue and even black.

Amber has a very old history, considering it's composition is fossilized tree sap from prehistoric times, it's not surprising at all that amber holds many legends from many cultures. Amber is known to be a Stone of Optimism, offering warm, happy and golden rays color. Amber stones are not only attractive, but some can be extremely valuable, especially those with inclusions of fossilized insects, plants or small critters. Many healers believe amber rings assist wears of self-actualization and enables us to fully comprehend the complete power and spirituality of our inner-self.

Amethyst Rings

Amethyst is a stone of legend. Known as one to prevent intoxication, it is the Stone of Sobriety. Worn for hundreds of years to protect wearers from drunkenness and now, it is worn by those that are recovering from alcohol additions (such as member of Alcoholic Anonymous, or AA). The exquisiteness and significance of Amethyst has been recorded throughout history, but the first stories originate from Greece. The term 'Amethyst' is taken from the Greek language and actually means 'sober'.

Amethyst is the violet purple variety of quartz. Compared to Amber, Opal and Turquoise, it is very hard and durable. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on earth and gemstone-quality quartz are highly prized. Amethyst offers excellent affordability and value and often times, you can find cut and polished Amethyst gemstones well over 50 carats. Since it can be found in large sizes, they are stunning for ring making as well as pendants. The colors range from light violet to deep, dark purple and since purple is the color of royalty, it can be proudly worn by men and women alike. There have been countless famous, royal and honorable people throughout history that have been recognized to wear amethyst gemstone rings and jewelry. The vivid colors of amethyst can accent, highlight any compliment any feature or fashion. There are many fables of Green Amethyst, but Amethyst by definition is purple. Green Amethyst is actually another quartz known as Prasiolite.

Opal Rings

Opal jewelry is remarkably popular, and because it is one of the softer gems, many are afraid to wear it as rings and jewelry. Despite its fragility, opal is still one of the most popular and desirable of colored stones for men's cabochon rings. Opal is primarily found in Australia and men from Australia have quite the masculine reputation and yet they are one of the biggest supporters and wearers of opal rings. Ethiopia has also developed as one of the leading suppliers of opal and Ethiopian Opal is some of the finest material available today.

Opal has some legendary beliefs dating back hundreds of years and there are many famous opals, such as the 'Flame Queen Opal'. It was once believed that opal stones contained the universe and was also a gateway to other dimensions. Opal can come in a variety of colors and sizes, with the most valuable being Black Opal from Australia. These opals can demand over $15,000 AUD per carat! Other highly desirable opals include Chocolate Opal, Fire Opal and Opal Doublet. No matter what opal you choose, just know that you're wearing one of the most special and precious of gemstones.

Other Notable Gemstones for Rings Include:


Sunstone is actually a variety of Labradorite, which is famed for its optical phenomena. It appears to have a metallic schiller effect and when viewed from different angles and lighting, the sunstone inclusions appear to sparkle and glow in a range of color.


Topaz ring has become one of the most ideal gemstones on the market today. They offer excellent clarity, durability, affordability and they can be found in many colors, sizes and shapes. It is most famous for its highly desirable Blue Topaz, but it is also available and quite popular is White Topaz and Golden Topaz. One of the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world is actually a variety of topaz, known as Imperial Topaz.


Ancient Turquoise - throughout centuries, it has been a large part of many cultures and beliefs. They have the most unique and distinct color that is prices by both men and women. Turquoise gemstones also have interesting patterns that makes each stone completely unique. Many people prefer stones that have no black webbing and patterns, while other love the 'spider-web' look that turquoise can have. It's really a matter of personal preference. Turquoise is actually quite rare and so there are many 'imitation' gemstones sold as 'natural turquoise', so it is one of the stones that people should be careful when buying.

It's pretty safe to assume that all Turquoise has been dyed or impregnated with resin to stabilize the stone, even if sellers claim they are untreated. Regardless, treated or untreated, as long as it is actually natural turquoise and not an imitation such as dyed howlite, it is extremely valuable. Large sizes are very hard to find and most turquoise cabochons for gemstone rings won't be much bigger than dime-sized. Anything larger than this will demand an extremely high premium.