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Crystal Cleansing

Gemstones: Crystal Cleansing

Precious stones of all kinds are like living beings. They carry vibrations and energy and can also be influenced by other vibrations or thoughts. Most times, stones will need to be cleansed of bad vibrations and influences that they absorbed before they fall into your hands. After your stones have been properly cleansed they will have their own energy until they have been used in way to release their healing or other metaphysical power.

Do you own a stone or crystal that feels negative or ill? Perhaps you have a stone that used to feel good in the past but no longer does? If so, this is a good indication that your gemstone or crystal needs to be cleared of old energy. Cleansing is also necessary before using any stone or crystal for its healing power. This is because the energy of a healing stone gains full powerful and potential after a proper cleansing.

Gemstones can carry the vibrations of those people who previously handled the stone, and so they should be cleared as soon as they are purchased. They should also be cleansed before and after every healing ritual it is used for.

A gemstone that needs clearing can feel hot, heavy or possibly drained; while a clean, clear crystal will feel positive, bright and tingly, as well as cool to the touch. There are a number of ways to effectively clear your crystals and precious stones. You can properly clean your stones using any method you prefer. The following details some of the suggested methods that many already use to cleanse their stones.

Cool Water Cleansing

Stones can be cleansed through a rinse of running water. Because most tap water is not pure and contains many chemicals, it is suggested to use only bottled water, rain water or boiled water. You can also use natural water from a spring, creek or river water. You should not use water from any standing waters, such as a pond, lake or marsh. You can place your stones in a place where rainfall can cleanse them, or you can hold them under the surface of a flowing creek or river. If using bottled water, simply poured the water gently down them. You should ensure that any facets or points are facing downward so as to ensure the negative energy flows off your stone. You should not use warm or hot water in any case.

Smoke Cleansing

You can clear your stone by passing them through the smoke of sandalwood incense or a sage smudge stick. Another quick method to cleanse your healing stones is to smudge them with burning sage or cedar; this is an excellent way to purify your stones. You can do this by holding the burning sage or cedar stick in your hand, while clearing your stone through the smoke a couple times back and forth to ensure a full cleanse. It is suggested to cleanse by smudging after each healing.

Earth Cleansing

Another method to purify and cleanse your stones is to bury them in the earth overnight. This is an excellent method used when a deep cleansing is required. Simply place your gemstone (points down) into the earth, and gently cover with soil. The length of time is dependent on how well you wish to cleanse them. We would also suggest to place some sort of marker next to where you buried your stones to ensure you can locate them later. For those who live in condos or apartments, you can use this method indoors by usage of a vase or flower pot.

Moonlight Cleansing

Moonlight is another way of clearing your crystals and gemstones. It is best to place your stones outside in the light of a Full Moon or New Moon. Indoors in the light of the moon is not as effective since window glass can deflect light, but it you have no other option, this method is acceptable.

Waning Moons are also considered effective for clearing crystals of old energy, but any time that the moon is visible will work. The time required for cleansing again depends on the individual and how much energy the stone needs clearing of. If you have a necklace, pendant or bracelet, you can hang the gemstone jewelry from a tree or branch to allow them to bask in the light of the moon.

Sun Cleansing

Some people will clear their gemstones using sun cleansing methods, but we do not suggest this method since many stones tend to fade in the sun.

Herbal Cleansing

Besides buying your stones in earth, you can also bury them in dried herbs as an alternative clearing method. The best natural herbs for cleansing are sage, myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood and rose petals. These herbs are typically very easy to find locally and are not too expensive either. The herbal cleanse is considered to be a very gentle and pleasant method for clearing crystals, but does require longer times for proper cleansing than by sea salt.

Sea Salt Cleansing

Please take special care when preparing to purify your stones using sea salt water methods. If you are not sure of the (Mohs) hardness of your stone, you should use another method of cleansing.

Sea salt is the most traditional purifying method used for metaphysical healing stone cleansing as it can dispel all types of disease and negativity. It is considered to be both a physical and psychic cleansing agent.

You can use a dry sea salt method or one mixed with water:

To use the dry salt cleansing method, place the sea salt into a glass container and cover your crystals with the salt. Be sure to ensure the points of the crystal are face down and that the crystal is completely covered. For the dry salt cleanse, it is suggested to leave them overnight in the sea salt. In cases where a deep cleanse is needed, you can leave your stones in the salt for 2 or 3 days. When clearing gemstone necklaces it is best to use the dry sea salt method

For each stone you want to clean with salt water mixed method, boil one (1) cup of water and add a teaspoon of sea salt to the water. If you do not have any sea salt, you can use Kosher salt, but it is not as powerful. Do not use table salt, as it usually contains aluminum and other impure chemicals.

You should then let the water cool down to the point where you can put your hand in it comfortably. Once it is cooled to room temperature (not warm or hot), transfer the water into a glass bowl and gently place your stones into the water. The stones will need to clear for a minimum of three (3) hours. Be very careful not to drop the stones in as the glass bowl can shatter or even worse, you could damage your gemstone. Do not use plastic or metal containers. Ceramic may be substituted for glass if a glass bowl is not available.

You should also place the bowl of gemstones in a place where it will receive some sunlight. After cleansing, you may take them out of the water and let them air dry. To make use of the excess water, you can pour the salt water outside in front of your main door. If you live in a condo or apartment, you can wipe down your door frames with the salt water to protect your home.

After the stones are dry, they are now ready for use. If you intend to use them for healing or another ritual use later, you can wrap them in a clean cloth composed of natural material, such as cotton, silk or wool (not polyester or nylon). Store them in a safe place where they cannot be disturbed, handled or touched by anyone else.