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Caring For Amber Jewelry

Amber is perhaps one of the most amazing and unique of all gem types. In fact, the color 'amber' was officially given its name after the organic gem. The first written record (English) of 'amber' being used in reference to color dates back to year 1500, and nowadays, the color amber is used in traffic lights around the world (although many will argue yellow or orange). Additionally, most automobiles today are being manufactured with amber colored turn signals, as opposed to red which previously was more frequently used. Amber is infamous for brilliantly replicating the warm colors of the sun, ranging from golden yellow to sunburst orange. It's even possible for other various colors to be trapped within the resins of amber, such as violet, blue, green and black.

Amber is one of the gemstones associated with those born under the astrological sign of Taurus, and these same lucky individuals are known to frequently don amber jewelry in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants. While doing so, it is believed that they will be able to contain the power and energy that amber symbolizes. When amber is worn as jewelry, it is believed to be something like a 'lucky charm'. Amber talismans and amulets are very popular and it is believed that these amber talismans and amulets can increase optimism in its wearer, as well as provide protection from illnesses and spirits.

Amber is a relatively soft gem and because so, it is mainly used in craft jewelry, such as beads, amulets and talismans. Amber is also frequently used to create wonderfully unique ornamental designs, such as carvings, but even more so, amber gems make the most interesting and amazing cabochon pendants, rings and earrings.

Just like any other precious gem, great care must be taken with amber jewelry. By being aware of proper precautions and by taking preventive measures, your amber jewelry can last you a lifetime. Because amber is relatively soft, it is very prone to knicks, cracks, breaks and scratches. For this reason, amber jewelry should not be worn during any harsh physical activity, such as sports or even yard work or household chores. And since amber is much softer in comparison to other hardwearing gems, other gem types should not be worn where they can come in direct contact with amber. Care should be taken when placing amber jewelry onto hard surfaces, such as tables or nightstands (amber shouldn't be dropped).

Amber should be protected and precaution should always be taken when in contact with harsh sprays or chemicals, such as perfume, deodorant and hairspray because of the porous nature of amber. When cleaning your amber jewelry, it is suggested to simply wipe it down with only a soft cloth, such as flannel. However, if needed, a very small drop of olive oil can be used to bring back some of your amber's original luster. When storing your jewelry, it should be wrapped within a soft cloth and stored out of direct sunlight such as a jewelry bag or small pouch.