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Men's Wedding Band - Design Your Own

Men's Wedding Band Jewelry -- Where to begin?

Nowadays, there are many different men's wedding band styles to choose from -- comfort fit, round, half-round or soft edge designs, along with plain, 2-tone, solitaire, three stone or multi-stone designs. Where does one even begin? Wedding rings or wedding bands are meant to be worn for a lifetime. So, in our opinions, men should always consider comfort when choosing their diamond or colored gemstone wedding ring.

Typically, in modern men's wedding band designs, comfort should be given preferential treatment over style and design, and so therefore, men's wedding rings are generally much simpler than women's rings. But even with simplicity, there are still a wide variety of different options available to help customize and match to everyone's different individual preferences and style.

Customize Your Ring with Colored Stones

Men's wedding bands can vary by band width, metal type, and most importantly, gemstone use. Most traditionally, grooms will wears a diamond band to celebrate their everlasting commitment to their bride, but some men prefer to wear a colored gemstone band that is especially unique; one that stands out from the rest. By wearing a colored gemstone band, men can truly express who they are, what they like and express individuality -- which speaks a lot about his personality in itself.

Personalized Metal Types

In regards to metal type, there are many different metals one can use. Traditionally, gold is the preferred metal, but nowadays, tradition is slowly evolving. If you do happen to choose gold, you can choose from white, yellow and two-tone designs. And now, it is even possible to have a ring made with gold in alternative colors; rose gold has become quite popular and depending on what alloy is used, it is very possible to use green gold, red gold, silvery gold and etc. Other popular metals are silver, palladium, platinum and titanium.

Personalized Design

Rings can be further personalized for additional sentimentality or symbolism through engravings, either exterior or interior. Some even incorporate distinctive details such as Celtic knots or interesting geometric patterns. In fact, the most popular men's wedding ring designs are plain metal bands with an added element to the design, such as a subtle engraved migraine or other masculine braid.

Birthstone Wedding Bands

Bolder and fashion conscious men tend to wear zodiac style wedding bands, which can be both strange and interestingly unique enough to turn heads. Although it isn't a traditional ceremonial type ring, many couples don't mind as long as it works well for them. Zodiac rings are not always gaudy or power rings, in fact, some of the most beautiful zodiac rings are simple designs encompassing the wearer's birthstone.

Bride and Groom

A groom can wear his wedding ring to make his marriage a public affair. And it's for everyone to see that he is married and committed to a beautiful bride. So, it's important that the wedding ring design reflects the man that is wearing it, and not the other way around.